Back To The Coast

Back To The Coast

Welcome to Reno, NV

So after a stop in Reno, NV, which I might add was meh overall, we made our way to see a good friend in Davis, CA. The thing with Reno was we stayed in a hotel that had, by far the fewest amenities of any motel, not hotel..motel I’ve seen. I won’t even go into it or throw the casino we stayed at under the bus, but needless to say I was not impressed however the overall trip to Reno was very enjoyable.

Reno at night.

Once we got to Davis we quickly linked up with our good friend Jenny and her room mate and boyfriend. So being new to the area we had to do a quick little tour of the area our friend called home. In doing so we made our way into a few little bars and spent the day catching up, which was pretty great I might add. There’s nothing like hanging with good friends and catching up over new experiences. Once the night came to an end we made our way back to our motel room, which was in Sacremento, about 15 mins away and light years better than the hotel. I’m just saying.

Say “cheese”!

Now from good ol Sac town we headed towards Fort Bragg and to do so meant going back over a mountain range again. Yay! We love driving big bus like vans on little tiny one lane looking like two lane mountain roads. Now the upside was that we were going to be driving through Anderson Valley which is a known area for really good wine and also beer. For scienticific purposes we indulged in both and we can confidently concur that this area has the goods!

Outside Maple Creek Winery. Anderson Valley, CA
One of the fine breweries in the area.

After finally making it through the woods and back on the coastline we rolled into Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg is neat little coastal town. One of the places that is well known is Glass beach so we took a stroll there to check it out. It’s a gorgeous beach but after reading reviews I understand the beached looks a shell of it’s former past glory days. Tourist over the many years have taken small tokens of glass from the beach leaving it looking, still very beautiful, but not what you might imagine. As the day came to an end we decided to take refuge at a local casino in the area and were greeted but some surprisingly nice scenery for the evening. I’ll take it!

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg
Yellow poppies found along the way towards the beach. Fort Bragg, CA
The Sands of Glass Beach, Fort Bragg ,Ca

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