Counting Days

Counting Days

For those who live in the area and like good food, this might be familiar to you. After more goals getting checked off the list, it was time for some celebratory Butter Cake from Larsen’s. Now if you aren’t familiar with Larsen’s, it’s absolutely one of our favorite steakhouse’s to dine at in the Oxnard Collection.

Celebration is due because keys have been handed over and now it is just a matter of getting the van packed….the hard part. The sorting out of importance levels of items and weeding out the overly bulky items. This is always a lot harder when you have already down sized like 3 or 4 times prior. But everything looks to fit, snugly.

Wookie is ready for the international world, now that he is all chipped and has a certificate to cross borders.

He could hardly contain himself of excitement as you can tell. Plus he had his first real outting on a leash and it seems to be good rather well, the whole cat on a leash thing. And to top it off he hasn’t shown any signs of motion sickness or throw ups in the van yet, which is definitely a good thing.

To top off the day of horrays we purchased our national parks pass for entry into all the national and state parks. Badaboomshakalaka! It’s on! That’s all I’m saying.

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