Felicity: Home away from home

Felicity: Home away from home

Well today we found ourselves in the beautiful desert city of Felicity, Ca. Located just a few minutes drive from Yuma, AZ, I have found very few places more peaceful and restful than Felicity.

What’s in Felicity you ask?

Great question! First and foremost the town of Felicity is home to the the Official Center of the World, (yes, look it up. It is a thing), as well as the Museum of History in Granite where you can find some pretty amazing images of important moments in humanity, well… etched in granite. Engineered to last well after humanity has killed itself off, whoever or whatever comes after us is gonna have some interesting reading material when they find this spot.

For more information about the museum and Felicity check out: http://www.historyingranite.org

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  1. Love your blog and I see they added a gazebo to the center. It look really nice there and looking forward to visiting again.

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