Hanging In Eugene’s Backyard

Hanging In Eugene’s Backyard

So after leaving Bend,OR we continued on to the city of Eugene and it’s surrounding areas. On our trek our destination was the Fern Ridge Lake area in Oregon for some camping by a suitable lake to break out the kayak. It’s been taking up a bit of space in the van, so it’s about time it proved it’s worth on this trip.

So to be honest coming from Bend to Eugene was a good and a bad thing. Eugene is a great city and it not too crazy ridiculous busy with traffic. Yet we ended up staying on the outskirts for camping. We found a great little spot near a lake and we had yet to break out the boat on our trip so far, so we figured why not.

Turned out the area we were in was having a sailboat race so we got to see a lot of boats that day. The water was perfect so off we set for a evening cruise.

We really only hung out in Eugene for a short time but it was very nice and we will have to stop by again to revisit.


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