Man Versus Mosquito at Crater Lake NP

Man Versus Mosquito at Crater Lake NP

After you see Yosemite, after you see the northern coastline, you’re left with such a wow factor that you are constantly looking for the next amazing thing to see. Crater Lake National Park will definitely keep the wow factor in full effect. From the amazing views you really get the true vastness of how large the lake is. And the blue water is absolutely stunning and illustrates just one of the many beauties of how nature and the human body work.

Upon arriving at a stop on the west rim of the lake, we were pleasantly greeted to the stunning first glimpse of the lake through the rain splattered windshield. As we continued to drive through the rain and snow, we found a place to park and explore some. Obviously snow means it’s pretty cold out and I wasn’t fully prepared to deal with this at the moment. Nonetheless, adventure awaits, and we left the sanctuary of the warm van to go experience one of nature’s beautiful creations. And I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m glad we got out. The pictures we took were worth the numb ears and finger tips.

After taking multiple pictures during the snow and rain fall, to our surprise, the weather slowly began to clear up and we watched as the day went from snow storm to sunny skies in just a matter of minutes. So of course we felt obligated to take even more pictures because well, it’s sunny now.

So after having endured as long as we could in the elements we made our way back to the car to head back to a campsite we reserved for the night at the park. It was getting cold and dark so we wanted to be setup sooner than later. As it turned out I  had seem to have forgotten that where there’s standing water there’s mosquitoes. It also just so happens that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. (basically means a whole lot of water + a whole lot of mosquitoes = 1 very ichy couple. Very ichy).

Now I have been to plenty of areas where there are bugs and mosquitoes but this was an above normal situation going on here. If you don’t have a screen room or some form of temporary shelter from the bugs it can definitely make things a little less enjoyable on the camping there aspect. Even mornings are no better except that you can actually see your attacker.

Mosquitoes aside, if you just wanna enjoy a great place and view, then this is the spot definitely if you are in the area. The views and the water look amazing as is the drive to and from the west or east rims. The east rim is longer and we didn’t have the time to complete it before dusk during the storm but the drive on the west rim was very scenic and is definitely recommended.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give here a solid 8. There is a lot to enjoy here, so if you can, take the time!




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