Ou Wee Chihuly

Ou Wee Chihuly

Inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle, WA.

After a great time relaxing with family and good wine in Walla Walla, WA, we continued our journey to Seattle where we’re looking forward to seeing some of the city as well as the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, which really was more of a reason to go than see the city. I come from around L.A., I can tell you about cities. But Seattle was different. There was a good sense of community as we walked the streets of Seattle, even though the busy city.

Our destination within the city was upon us as we strolled through a park or garden or I’m not sure what it was but it was nice. Now prior to this visit I was not that familiar with his work. Only upon watching a few short videos offered at the site did I fully understand his role as the brains behind the art.

Although our time in Seattle was short and lasted only a couple days it will have a lasting impression because of the way art and community seemed to meld in such a great way. Below are some of the awesome works that Chihuly has created.

Persian Ceiling

A view inside of the glass house exhibit, which was closed for an event.

The man himself, Chihuly.
Pieces for sale.

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  1. Wow! You might like to see the glass flowers at Harvard – equally beautiful, but these were done as aids to study the features of various flowers and plants for botanical studies.

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