Plotting, Planning, & Tripping (part 2)

Plotting, Planning, & Tripping (part 2)

In the midst of chaos, one can really appreciate “progress”, whatever that means to you. To us that means in the past 48 hrs we have lost renters, successfully found new renters, and completely sold or donated all of our belongings we were forced to give up. We also scored a hard case roof carrier off someone from Craigslist. Actually almost had to pay double just to have one in time to leave and get seller to forget the person they had planned on selling it to prior to our inquiry. It wasn’t too bad though because even paying what we did it was still way cheaper than buying a new one, plus having to wait extra time. Home Depot came through for us as we built a custom roof rack for the carrier, thus saving us even more precious fuel money for our trip.

With the bike and roof rack, floor rug, and part of the “kitchen” installed, there’s only a few more things to really get done before we are ready to go on the road. So far the newly planned date of departure is going to be this Monday on June 4th. where we will be on our way to Monterey, CA for the first stop of many.

New roof rack carrier
Bike rack & custom roof rack

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  1. Enjoy this part of your life. Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel and see God’s country. I enjoying reading your journey. Love you guys!!

    1. Thanks Dee! We definitely feel very blessed to be able to do this and are trying to really live each day to the max. Love you guys too!!

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