The Great American Desert

The Great American Desert

As we made our way towards sin city, we got to take in the beauty of the desert. We passed through an area that was part of the Yuma Proving Grounds, Needles, and the Mojave and saw a lot of interesting cacti, which were in bloom this time of year I might add. The vastness of the landscape I have to say is pretty impressive. Photos really don’t do it justice. Just to imagine the first time settlers or Indians passed through the area. I can imagine it was the first time the phrase, ” are we there yet?”, was uttered.

After a bit of sun baking in the car we finally approached our next destination of Las Vegas, where we will visit some friends and also attend the wedding of a buddy.

Once we got into town we were a bit hungry so we ventured to a little restaurant called Chicago Joe’s, which is a very tasty little Italian restaurant. I was leary but decided to get some seafood….in a landlocked state. I know bad idea, but it was actually very very good and hallelujah! No stomach issues lol. From there they visited a pretty awesome Marine bar, frequented by the local leathernecks and retired servicemen. While there we had a sip and watched some amazing magic tricks performed by a vet. Overall a successful trip to Vegas, now for rest and to get ready for the big wedding day!

Welcome to Arizona
Chicago Joe’s Italian (Las Vegas)
The Leatherneck Club (Las Vegas)

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