The Micro Struggle

The Micro Struggle

Sometimes, somethings that might seem to be fairly straightforward and simple are actually full of twists and turns, sort of like a roller coaster. There’s ups and downs, highs and lows. And right when you think you have it all worked out, whoa! Here comes a loop! (If you put your hands up, it’s more fun they say).

So after downsizing, and then downsizing again, and then downsizing once more. We found ourselves downsizing for yet again. The funny thing is now that we have a van plus a roof carrier, it seems like a mix of comedy and lunacy to even think we were going to try to get what we have into my Nissan Juke. Between Jesus feeding the masses with just bread and some fish, and Mary Poppins with her crazy purse, I figured I at least had a shot with the Juke and a carrier. Well, no and no. Never would have worked regardless the number of hidden cubby holes we might have found. We got a lot of stuff, but it’s all stuff we plan on using so that makes things a bit more difficult to cut. It’s become such a chore that it has casused us to reschedule a booking a day further out. No biggie in the grand scheme but still a delay due to trying to downsize nonetheless.

Finally after delay and a bit more improvisation, we finally have everything where it’s going to be and we should be hitting the road sometime tomorrow morning or early afternoon to head to a free campsite we found in Santa Margarita, CA. He read some reviews and it offers some spectacular views of sun rises and sunsets as well. There’s also a few bike trails available so we just might have to take a ride depending on when we arrive.

We had planned on leaving today up the coast, so the house is all clean and cleared out. So tonight it looks as though we will be sleeping in the van to try things out and see how things go

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