The Portland Buzz

The Portland Buzz

Oregon is a state that has a lot to offer. From small, medium, and large cities to a great food scene to awesome outdoor activities. So as we ventured into Portland, I got a small sense of L.A. with all the traffic and people. Of course it’s not quite on that level but it’s not far. Despite this, Portland is still very much a fun city.

We arrived on a Saturday which was conveinant as there was a lot going on to check out if we wanted to. We decided after a bit of coffee to check out the Portland Saturday Market, which is set up with tons of vendors selling everything from food to merchandise. The smells we’re great and the weather was perfect. The area had a great sense of diversity and was very community oriented.

After walking around a bit of the city and market, we grabbed a small bite to eat and people watched for a few. A lot of interesting characters.

Overall our time in Portland was excellent and we had a great time exploring the area however the inner city life is not for me. It was perfect to visit but I was ready for less traffic and people. This is definitely a great city though and again I’d say we will be back to revisit some other areas of the city someday.

Artistian candy bars
Overhead view of a skate park in the city.

Monster weeds

The common sight in large U.S. cities


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