The Road To Walla Walla

The Road To Walla Walla

Col Solare Winery in Richland, WA on the Red Mountains.

So Oregon was a great state to visit and we had a lot of fun there. Now it’s time to check out what Washington is all about. We decided to check in with some family in the area of Richland, WA, which is near the now famous Red Mountains, an area sought after by wineries around the world.

The Richland area is part of what’s called the Tri-cities. The area is very vast and sprawling and is in the region where the majority of hops grown for brewing beer. Since the discovery of the good soil of the Red Mountains a lot of vineyards have started to come to the area. With lots of lakes and parks it’s a very pretty area and the mountains in the surrounding areas were where wild horses once roamed. Once we join up with family they showed us the cool spots in the area. One of which was some local wineries and as well as the city of Walla Walla, WA, which is reknowned for their wine.

So the next day after arriving in Washington we decided to try a local winery. Although the winery was a bit boutiquey and overly priced the company of family and wine made the day very enjoyable. Not to mention the view , which was one of the best offered by some of the vineyards in the area, was really something to see.

The next day we ventured the road to Walla Walla to experience the city and it’s legendary wines. The drive was not overly spectacular, as the scenery was a bit brown and desert like in places.once we did get into town, we were not disappointed. The area really does make some really good wines. The people there in town were very helpful with directions and recommendations.

On the way to Walla Walla, WA.

Overall this first leg of the journey through Washington was very nice. We got to see family, had some amazing wines, and saw some awesome lakes and parks in the area. Visiting Walla Walla was very cool to see one of the oldest towns in Washington. It certainly had lots if history in both the wine and gold industries. We will certainly take some good memories from here.

Outside of an old school building converted to a winery.

Downtown Walla Walla, WA
Inside a local distillery in Walla Walla, WA


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