Update and Yosemite Recap

Update and Yosemite Recap

So since the last post quite a bit has happened. Besides obviously leaving Oxnard, along we way we stopped in San Luis Obispo, Solvang, Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Margarita, Carmel by the Sea, Gilroy, Midpines, and Yosemite. Some cool things we saw along the way were the ostrich farm in Solvang, lots of cool varieties of plants and trees, tons of amazing viewing points alongside the mountain edges. There are just too many things to list.

So far some highlights are the awesome 360 view in Santa Margarita and the absolutely perfect campsite we had at Midpines, which is just outside of Yosemite National Park, and of course some of the amazing majestic views of the numerous waterfalls and snow run offs. Pictures really don’t do it justice. There are dozens of pine tree varieties as well as lots of types of plants, flowers, and insects. Midpines was such a beautiful place. Along the Merced River on the Sandy banks, they glisten in sunlight from all the gold flake. In some areas they actually look golden. From there we went to Yosemite. We actually went to Yosemite twice, once to drive through the main park campground area and to do some hiking, and the second time to drive through the entire park. One thing we learned while there is that Yosemite is best on a bike because there really isn’t anywhere you can’t go. We opted to hike but realized we should have taken our bikes to maximize the amount of area seen given our time restraints. Regardless if you bike or hike you will certainly have a great time.

As we left Yosemite, when we crossed over the mountain crest and approached the exit of the park from the other side, we were greeted with a good amount of lingering snow, which again was cool to see…and of course throw a snowball or two. As we made our way to the next stop on the list which is a place called Lee Vining, where we had a campsite waiting for us. We arrived last night and it was a pretty decent spot. A little windy but not too bad. We had planned to go by Mammoth Lakes and maybe Bishop today, however there is a cold front moving in and it is unsually windy to the tune of about 21 mph winds. So we opted to stay another night to avoid driving with all the wind. Then it’s off to Tahoe and Reno, NV.

Our campsite at Midpines, CA. with bear boxes

The Merced River

7 Replies to “Update and Yosemite Recap”

  1. What a great adventure you’re on. Wishing you a wonderful journey. Let us know if you’ll be coming through the Pacific Northwest. Maybe we can meet you somewhere, if it’s on a weekend. Also, you always have a place to stay in eastern Washington. We’re in wine and orchard country, as you know.

    1. Awesome we are excited to stop by and see you guys. We will be in touch soon when we have a better idea of the time we will be in the area.

  2. Have you guys found any must trys in the beer department yet? Hope the bumps in the road are being navigated delicately in that sweet sweet ride! Cheers

  3. Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your trip and photos. I hope you’re taking more photos than just the ones you post here.

  4. What is a bear box? John said when I asked him “if you catch a small bear you need a box to keep him in!” He said this with a slight smile.😁 We are so looking forward to being there with your travels.

    1. So a bear box is a metal box to store food inside so you don’t wake up to find a bear in your unlocked car, tent, or anything else there might be food inside of. But you can store small bears inside, I just wouldn’t recommend it lol.

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