Vegas Shenanigans

Vegas Shenanigans

2018 Dodge Demon

So today was a day of rest and relaxation. After a long rest we finally made it out to the Fremont Street end of Vegas as it was our last day in town. There we grabbed a drink and bite to eat at a spot called Hennessey’s Tavern. This spot had things like a pretzel bun burger with bacon on the menu, so of course I’m gonna recommend this place. But the service was also great as well so there’s that too.

Now one thing I failed to mention earlier was that this weekend in Vegas is also the weekend of a huge EDC Festival with an extra 300k people in town barely clothed and stoned stupid. So it’s a little extra interesting with some of the things you might see. There was also quite a few things that you can not unsee either, so look with caution.

After making our way through the craziness, we reached our next destination which was Ax Hole. Ax Hole is a place where you can throw axes at targets. Yes this is a thing and yes this is a blast. There is something about grabbing an ax in each hand and hurling them down a lane. Maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s a awful customer, who knows, the point is just feel the stress melt away as hurl ax after ax at that idea. (Side note, it’s typically frowned upon to throw an ax in real life at your boss, or people in general. Just saying, probably not a good idea. Just come here and throw at the given targets).

After feeling the luck of Vegas and not killing myself or anyone in the group with axes, we decided to try our luck on the tables. Now I’m not a real big gambler but every so often I’ll dabble in some roulette and single deck blackjack. So we played just a couple of hours and I walked away $26 dollars richer. In Vegas any victory is a victory.

It’s been a real blast being in Las Vegas, from seeing friends, to witnessing a beautiful wedding. Now as time winds down we must get ready to head back to Felicity for one last time before we go on with the rest of our journey.

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